2023 Top 10 Bestsellers

🌊💙 Calling all Herrington Lake enthusiasts! Are you someone who treasures the tranquil moments by the water's edge, cherishing memories made right here on our lake in the heart of Central Kentucky?

🌞⛵ Dive right into this list that we've curated of the ultimate collection of Top 10 Bestselling Herrington-branded items just for you! From cozy hoodies that exude lakeside vibes to home decor items that capture the essence of our home. We've got something special for every lake-lover. Discover the perfect gear to keep those cherished Herrington memories alive! 


#10 The Great Blue Heron Wildlife Collection Tee









There is nothing more iconic on Herrington Lake than our Great Blue Heron, gliding gracefully over the surface of the water, or perched on a lakeside dock, pondering it’s next meal. Our soft cotton Great Blue Heron Wildlife Collection Tee features an original design and is a great addition to your comfortable short-sleeve wardrobe. You can find this tee right here. or check out all of the Wildlife Collection here. 


Pontoon Club Tshirt









No matter what your favorite activities are in your lakelife - boating, fishing, cooking, cornhole - we celebrate you as a “member of the club”. By far, the favorite club t-shirt this year has been the Herrington Lake “Pontoon Club” Cotton Tee! But, we have many to choose from… each is double-sided, and is made from ringspun cotton for that ultimate soft cotton feel. This is the perfect tee for showing your Herrington pride. Join the club! You can find this tee right here. Or take a look at the entire Club Collection here. Tons of colors to choose from! 


Herrington Lake tote in white









The Herrington Lake Blue Anchor Nautical Tote Bag in White is a great choice for a solid and practical gift. There's nothing handier than a quality all-purpose tote bag. Whether you’re hauling your daily rations to the boat or groceries from the store, you’ll be reminded (and remind everyone) that you have heaven waiting for ya back on old Herrington Lake. You can take a look at this tote right here.


A beautiful discussion piece, the Herrington Lake - Bryantsville Quadrangle 1952 USGS Topography Map is a stunningly crafted item. In the early and mid-20th century, the U.S. Geological Service produced some of the most beautifully detailed topographic maps of the United States. The areas studied were broken into quadrangles, and Herrington Lake sat nestled inside 2 of them - the Wilmore Quadrangle in the north, featuring the area north of Kennedy Bridge. The southern end of the lake - the significant majority - sat in the Bryantsville Quadrangle, featured here. This is a high-resolution reproduction of the hand-drawn and colored map, printed to scale on quality gallery canvas. You won’t find this treasure anywhere else - and it goes nicely in every single type of decor. You can pick this up right here.  


Herrington Lake Hoodie
This is what I simply call the “Classic Collection”, featuring the recognizable twist and turns of our central Kentucky oasis, Herrington Lake. Accompanied by a silhouette of the state of Kentucky, and our signature motto: Lake Life.  Better Life. © Our home. Our retreat. Our little piece of heaven on Earth. Celebrate it with this comfortable hoodie - biding your time till next boat season. Get this hoodie right here. 


Signature Collection Long Sleeve Tee

Another item from our best collection: the "Signature Collection" Jersey Knit Cotton Long Sleeve Tee. This design features the silhouette of Kentucky, overlaid with our custom Herrington Lake signature font, and once again featuring our signature motto: Lake Life.  Better Life.©  You can order this long sleeve tee right here. 


This "Classic" Outline Herrington Lake Beach Towel is another item from our “Classic” Collection. On a field of rich blue, we feature the twists and turns of our Central Kentucky home, along with a shaded compass ross and our unique custom font. These will make a statement for sure when you take these out on the boat. There aren't any other towels available anywhere on the lake! Also - they are super soft, and a step up from those "paper thin" towels you might find at any other shop. You can grab one of these custom-printed beauties right here. 



Dad Hat

Our “Simply Herrington Collection” Caps are minimalist, reserved, and elegant - simply telling all who look: Home is Here. The design, slightly arched, is framed along with a Kentucky state silhouette, and a mention of our lake's 1925 founding. This hat is 100% bio-washed chino twill and has a self-fabric, tri-glide buckle closure with antique brass. The leather patch is printed with our design and sewn onto the cap. This design is perfect for… simply … everyone. Get one of these caps right here. 


 Whiskey Glass

Printed with our “Signature Collection” design, these beautiful 6-oz. Whiskey Glasses are the perfect way to enjoy a beverage while looking over the beautiful lake vista of home. These add a bit of lake pride and simple elegance to your serving options, no matter the time of year. Order some of these beautiful glasses right here. 


Our “Signature Collection” Jersey Knit Cotton Tee has proven to be the ultimate favorite. It’s exciting when you create a design that makes people smile, enjoy wearing, and remember a fun day this past summer that makes you feel warm, even in the coldest December wind.  Order one of these signature tees right here. 

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