About Us

Lake Life.  Better Life. 

Ever since I can remember our family spent plenty of time near the water - rivers, lakes, the Gulf, and the Atlantic. Later in life, a special treat was the warmth of the southern Caribbean. The water always held a special place in our hearts. We loved camping, boating, and fishing - deep-seated memories of me and my sister, Mom, Dad, and Granny all sitting in old rickety aluminum and plaid canvas lawn chairs along a pier, line and hook dropped in whatever body of water rippling below, willing to spend all day in the heat and sun waiting for a catfish or bluegill. Those were frequent weekends together.  

As we grew older, my parents often spoke about living closer to water - they knew what they enjoyed and wanted to spend more of their lives as close to the water as possible. They spent many weekends leaving the Cincinnati area we lived in and worked in to find places they enjoyed outside the city, in the more rural areas they loved and had grown up in themselves (Mom from Georgia, Dad from Indiana).   

Over ten years ago, on just a hunch and a back road drive, they found Herrington Lake in central Kentucky. The country scene was quiet and beautiful, the lake was just quiet enough for plenty of relaxing moments boating and fishing - but lively enough to run into kind people creating their own good vibes. Starting with an overnight at Chimney Rock RV, they decided to get a spot amongst the RV crowd. What seemed like a “let’s try it and we can move if we don’t enjoy it” turned into years of meeting great local people who became friends and neighbors.   

They finally had found their new home, bought property, and built their home on a hill behind Chimney Rock. Going back to city life wasn’t an option. The lake was now home. It’s simple to understand. The lake life was a better life here on Herrington Lake. We can all agree on that, right? 

The love of water is something we ALL seem to have in common. When we dig into the memories of our adventures on the lakes, rivers, and oceans of our travels - along whatever shoreline, any body of water - these memories are nostalgic, filled with happiness and good times. On the water, we had some of the best times of our lives with our family and friends. In a small boat or just chilling on the dock with feet dangling, we stared into the water and had powerful moments of quiet reflection. The water connects us to these moments of joy, contentment, and relaxation we don’t find anywhere else. Put together a group of strangers on our lake and we usually end the day with new friends, more laughs, and one more good time. It’s memorable one way or another - the water always connects us.  

My time on the water has always inspired me and I wanted to do something with that feeling that I could share with others. I knew my favorite new project would be to build a central hub that brought together some of the best things about Herrington Lake. Everyone can have a place online to find helpful resources, information, and history about the area. We want to continue to help everyone build great memories - and Herrington Lake is a great place for that! 

Lake Life. Better Life. That’s my new motto.

Bobby Childers
LakeHouse Brands, Ltd.Co.